MillerTech Maxxi Star 20W DC LED Light Bulb (20WDCD-2)

MillerTech Maxxi Star 20W DC LED Light Bulb (20WDCD-2)

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These new and improved, second generation LED light bulbs from MillerTech can operate at a wide range of direct current voltages (10-30V).  This makes them very versatile for many off grid lighting applications, such as barns, outbuildings, RVs, boats, trucks, heavy equipment, and cabins.  They are best for buildings with 8-10 foot ceilings or in portable lighting applications, such as the MillerTech portable lights and lanterns.

The 20W DC LED Bulb is a corncob-style, omni-directional light.  It features a built-in dimmer switch so you can control the lighting output from 0-3000 Lumens.  It screws into a regular E26 socket.  It comes with a 1 year full warranty.


20WDCD-2 20W DC Led Light Bulb:

  • 3000 lumens
  • 20W
  • Adjustable output via built-in dimmer
  • Compatible with E26 light sockets
  • Omni-directional light dispersion
  • 5000K color
  • Compatible with MillerTech portable lights and lanterns
  • 1 year full warranty
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