About Us

LDSreliance started out as a Youtube channel in 2012, focusing on video content related to DIY projects in order to be more self reliance and prepared.  That channel grew and diversified into solar power, battery technology, home improvement, electronic projects, server hosting, prepper content, and more over the years.

Today, LDSreliance has over 100,000 subscribers on Youtube and has branched out into a thriving e-commerce site where you can browse hand curated products related to off grid solar including solar power, lithium batteries, chargers, and electronic adapters.  You can also arrange for consulting time with Jason, the man behind the channel and website, where he can help you with your off grid solar project or battery bank project.

If you are a fan of the Youtube channel and want to keep up to date on this web store and new products or coupon codes, please email ldsreliance@gmail.com.

LDSreliance is always looking for quality, hard-to-find off grid products to bring to its audience so if you know of anything that you think should be carried on this store, please email ldsreliance@gmail.com!