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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We have compiled a list of some of the more common questions and concerns about MillerTech batteries and the other products that we carry.


Q:  Are MillerTech lithium batteries waterproof?

A:  While we have tested these batteries in a shower for an hour without adverse effects, they are not technically waterproof and should never be submerged or installed outdoors where they will come in contact with water frequently.  Water damage may void the warranty so be sure to use a sealed battery box for marine applications.


Q:  I have a lithium charger already.  Will that work with MillerTech lithium batteries?

A:  MillerTech produces specially designed chargers for use with their batteries, which we highly recommend.  However, they also endorse two other chargers from other companies that work well with their batteries:  the Minnkota PC Marine Charger in AGM mode and the Ionic Four Bank Lithium Charger.  Other models from other brands with a generic lithium charging profile may work but may not charge your battery fully and give you the most performance you could be getting.


Q:  The LCD meter on top of my MillerTech battery is reporting unusual percentages.  Is my battery damaged?

A:  The meter on the battery gives a percentage based on voltage.  Since the voltage curve for lithium batteries is very flat until the very end, the meter will show 13.1V or 80% for the majority of the runtime of the battery.  This can be confusing for consumers that are used to seeing a linear percentage with an accurate estimate of remaining battery life, such as on a smart phone.  Unfortunately, this meter does not work that way and cannot be relied on to give an accurate DoD reading.


Q:  Can I wire MillerTech batteries in series for higher voltage systems?

A:  While technically the batteries can be wired in series, they will provide a longer life in the long run by wiring in parallel when possible.  It is always better to buy a single battery with a higher voltage, if available, if you need a battery bank for higher voltages.  MillerTech offers 24V and 48V batteries for these applications.