Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

MillerTech FAQ 

Q:  Are MillerTech lithium batteries waterproof?

A:  They have an Ingress Protection rating of IP65.  What that means is they are fully sealed against dust and partially sealed against water.  They are protected against low pressure jets of water but not submersion, sustained water exposure, or high pressure water.  So an accidental splash in a boat should be fine but leaving it out in the rain or dropping it in water, even for a few seconds, can penetrate the case and damage the battery.  Water damage will void the warranty so be sure to use a sealed battery box or secure bulkhead for marine applications.


Q:  I have a lithium charger already.  Will that work with MillerTech lithium batteries?

A:  MillerTech produces specially designed chargers for use with their batteries, which we highly recommend.  They use a constant voltage (14.6V) and constant current to charge the battery properly.  However, they also endorse two other chargers from other companies that work well with their batteries:  the Minn Kota PC Marine Charger in AGM mode and the Ionic Four Bank Lithium Charger.  That does not mean that AGM mode will work as well on other chargers. Other models from other brands with a generic lithium charging profile may work but may not charge your battery fully and give you the most performance you could be getting.  


Q:  The LCD meter on top of my MillerTech battery is reporting unusual percentages.  Is my battery damaged?

A:  The meter on the battery gives a percentage based on voltage.  If you read the voltage while the battery is under load or during the charging process, it will not be accurate.  The only accurate measurement is when the battery has been sitting for at least 15 minutes without any charge or discharge occurring.  Also, since the voltage curve for lithium batteries is very flat until the very end, the meter will likely show 13.1V or about 80% for the majority of the runtime of the battery.  This can be confusing for consumers that are used to seeing a linear percentage with an accurate estimate of remaining battery life, such as on a smart phone.  Unfortunately, this meter does not work that way and cannot be relied on to give the same type of reading.  The meter is there as a convenience and estimate only.  It is very important to have an appropriately programmed lithium battery charger that will be able to manage the charging process for you as you will not be able to tell when the battery is full during the charging process based on the meter.


Q:  Can I wire MillerTech batteries in series for higher voltage systems?

A:  While, technically, most MillerTech batteries can be wired in series up to 4 batteries, they will provide a longer life in the long run by wiring in parallel when possible.  It is always better to buy a single battery with a higher voltage, if available, if you need a battery bank for higher voltages.  MillerTech offers 24V, 36V, and 48V batteries for these applications.  


Q:  Where is my order?  Why did I not receive a tracking number?

A:  MillerTech Energy Solutions is an Amish company and does not rely on automated technology like Amazon or other companies and fulfillment centers.  Thus, the tracking information does not get automatically sent to us when their warehouse ships a product.  That information has to be written by hand and sent over to us where we have to manually type that in and email it to you.  We attempt to do so as much as possible. However, with a busy e-commerce store that isn't always possible, at least not in a timely manner that everyone expects.  So, as our shipping policy states, you can request a tracking number from us and we will be happy to get that to you as soon as we can.  However, please do not expect one to be automatically sent to you like an Amazon order.