MillerTech EDISON 600W Power Tool Battery Inverter (186-I)

MillerTech EDISON 600W Power Tool Battery Inverter (186-I)

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*Please note that the default battery type is DeWalt and Milwaukee compatible.  If you need the Makita compatible battery sockets, you MUST choose Makita in the drop down menu*

This unique inverter uses any 18V or 20V name-brand power tool battery from Milwaukee, DeWalt, or Makita to provide 120V AC power.  This inverter features a pure sine wave form, dual AC outlets, and several device protections to keep your investment safe.  This model has two sockets and it is possible to mix battery sizes (or even brands in the case of the DeWalt/Milwaukee model).

  • 600W 120V AC Output (1200W Surge)
  • 15-21V Input Range
  • Two AC Output Sockets
  • Parallel, Equal Load On Both Batteries When Using Two Batteries
  • Batteries Are Hot Swappable When Using Two Batteries
  • 2 Battery Sockets For Your Favorite 18-20V Power Tool Battery
  • Pure Sine Wave
  • Low Voltage Disconnect
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Overload Protection
  • Overcurrent Protection
  • LED Voltage Display
  • Rough Dimensions 9"x5.75"x3.5"
  • Compatible with DeWalt FlexVolt Batteries
  • 1 Year Full Warranty

*Please note - this cannot charge your power tool batteries.  It is only an inverter.

The owner's manual can be downloaded here:

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Customer Reviews

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Jah Marcelle
Awesome Product

You will not regret buying one of these. I’m working on a portable entertainment system and I needed an inverter that is reliable and this did not disappoint. It’s super reliable, especially when the power went out in my area for a few hours while I was at work - it’s so easy to understand my wife was able to use it until the power came back on. Definitely felt the need to buy the 1000W after that!

This inverter rocks.. very underrated..

We are running our Coffee maker running off of this every morning for our remote job site crews. AMP meter shows the c-maker is pulling a consistent 663 watts and and the cooling fans do not even engage. We are using two 9amp/hr flexvolt batteries and this setup is very efficient. GREAT product!!!!

That is great to hear, Tim! I love to hear about these devices being used by tradesmen on job sites. Great way to get even more use out of your batteries.

Well Built Inverter

This thing is great for a weekend camping trip. Built like a tank. I've got two 10ah and one 5ah DeWalt 20v batteries and was able to run two small fans to sleep with over two nights with battery left to spare. The safety margin for the batteries is more than I thought, which is good for the batteries but they did run down quicker than I thought they would based off the calculator I used. I also wish I could turn off the alarm, might try to open it up and remove the speaker if possible.


Live it! Works as advertised.

Great 3rd party tool for Dewalt batteries

I've been using this unit on and off for the past 6 or so months to charge laptops and power other devices out on my property without having to use an extension cord. I purchased it for power outage use, but fortunately haven't had to use it yet.

The device itself is great, showing you the current frequency and battery voltage, which you can roughly equate to remaining runtime if you have some electrical knowledge. It's beefy enough to run my refrigerator even during startup with 2x 6Ah flexvolt batteries. The hot swappable nature of using 2 batteries in parallel is awesome so there's no electrical disconnection if you're powering a TV, modem, or other device that would be annoying to disconnect momentarily.

Kudos to Miller Tech for bringing this product to market, a great use for Dewalt (and other) batteries.