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MillerTech 1000W Power Tool Battery Inverter (1810-I)

MillerTech 1000W Power Tool Battery Inverter (1810-I)

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*Please note that the default battery type is DeWalt and Milwaukee compatible.  If you need the Makita compatible battery sockets, you MUST choose Makita in the drop down menu*

This unique inverter uses any 18V or 20V name-brand power tool battery from Milwaukee, DeWalt, or Makita to provide 120V AC power.  This inverter features a pure sine wave form, dual AC outlets, and several device protections to keep your investment safe.  This model has three sockets and it is possible to mix battery sizes (or even brands in the case of the DeWalt/Milwaukee model).

**Drawing power of 600W or above will likely require multiple batteries and, in some cases, high output/high capacity batteries to maintain a minimum voltage from the batteries**

  • 1000W 120V AC Output (1500-1800W surge for a split second, 1300W or so for several seconds)
  • 16-21V Input Range
  • Two AC Output Sockets
  • Parallel Load On Batteries When Using Multiple Batteries
  • Batteries Are Hot Swappable When Using Multiple Batteries
  • 3 Battery Sockets For Your Favorite 18-20V Power Tool Battery
  • Pure Sine Wave
  • Low Voltage Disconnect
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Overload Protection
  • Overcurrent Protection
  • LED Voltage Display
  • Rough Dimensions 11.5"x5.75"x3.5"
  • Compatible with DeWalt FlexVolt Batteries
  • 1 Year Full Warranty

*Please note - this cannot charge your power tool batteries.  It is only an inverter.

The owner's manual can be downloaded here:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Matthew Bohn
Awesome little inverter

I’ve been using this daily for a little 600 watt microwave on the job site. It is awesome and works great! Worth every penny!


This is super brilliant. I can use the power tool batteries to provide power for my 32 in.³ refrigerator. This frees up the portable gen for the ac units.

Love this thing!!

Max Reilly
Almost perfect

This is a great compact inverter that is lacking a few design features to make it perfect.



Nominal power supply

Milwaukee/dewalt battery ports are perfectly designed to securely lock both brand batteries into place

Electrical connection of battey ports fully seats into dewalt battery terminal and also just extends past the critical pressure contact point of Milwaukee battery for reliable electrical connection to both types


Should be a 1500 watt continuous inverter

Should be a automatic un interrupted power supply able to charge batteries while in use

Should be scalable to parallel more units for increased power and 120/240 split phase output.

Calvin Michaels
Miller Tech 1000W Inverter

My 1000W Inverter arrived today and upon unpacking it appears to be well built with quality construction. I tested the unit and found that all the battery slots worked and both power outlets worked also along with the LCD Display and power switch. I wanted this unit to be able to open my double sized garage door with my Chamberlin 1/2 Hp opener and it had no trouble with that. I tested it on a few other items and I also plugged in my AC apple phone charger and that worked well too, glad that this unit is Pure Sine Wave. I can't speak to longevity yet but I am not worried about that due to the construction. My unit did not come with a manual which I thought was strange but the seller has a link on the product page to download it, I suggest reading this product page and the downloaded manual to see the do's and don'ts for this unit, I found facebook helpful also.