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Complete Solar Panel System Design (Off Grid Only)

Complete Solar Panel System Design (Off Grid Only)

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In addition to the products offered in this store, I can also do a complete off grid solar panel system design for you that will be calculated specifically for your needs in your location.  It will include the following:

  • Calculation of how many solar panels (in Watts) that you need for your load(s)
  • Calculation of how much battery capacity (in Amp hours) that you need for your load(s)
  • List of recommended equipment you will need (main components, not connectors and mounts and fuses, etc.)
  • Recommended maintenance & replacement schedule for your system to extract the maximum power production

Please allow 72 hours for the design to be delivered via email to you.  In order to do the calculations, I need to know:

  • What city/state and country you live in
  • What your load(s) is and how many volts and amps it consumes when it is running as well as whether it runs off DC or AC power
  • How many hours per day your load will run
  • How many days of backup power you need stored in the batteries (in case it is overcast and rainy) - I recommend at most 2 days
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