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TopBand 12V 100Ah Marine Starting LiFePO4 Battery With Bluetooth (Sample - No Warranty)

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**This is a sample with no warranty or Jericho support**

Battery Features & Highlights:

  • Bluetooth monitoring built in with Android and Apple smart phone apps
  • Industry leading peak/surge discharge current up to 350A for 3 seconds!
  • Starting power of 1400A for 30ms
  • End user serviceable case can be opened and closed with screws to allow for repairs, manual cell balancing, or visual inspections. 

100Ah 12V LiFePO4 Marine Starting Battery Specifications:

  • Nominal voltage:  12.8V
  • Normal charge voltage:  14.6V
  • Cut off voltage:  10.2V
  • Internal resistance:  Less than or equal to 20 microohms
  • Continuous charge/discharge current:  100A
  • Recommended charge current:  50A or less
  • Peak discharge current:  350A for 3 seconds, 1400A for 30ms
  • Internal construction:  LFP 4S4P configuration with prismatic cells
  • Connection capability:  4S or 4P
  • Weatherproof rating:  IP54
  • Permanent storage conditions:  15-35 Degrees C, 5-75% Humidity
  • Temporary storage conditions:  -20-60 Degrees C, 5-75% Humidity for 1 month
  • Charging conditions:  0-45 Degrees C
  • Discharging conditions:  -20-55 Degrees C
  • Weight:  ~24 pounds
  • Size:  12.52"L x 6.5"W x 8.46"H
  • Warranty:  none
  • Cycle life @ 100% depth of discharge:  2800 cycles with >83% capacity remaining
  • BMS protections:  short circuit, over-charge, over-discharge, over-current, high temperature charge, low temperature charge