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NRG PAC 400W Portable Power Source

NRG PAC 400W Portable Power Source

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NRG Pac 400W

This unique product by NRG is a power pack with an open battery compartment for you to pair with your favorite 12V 20Ah or equivalent sized battery.  That gives this device the unique capability to be able to swap batteries and keep going instead of plugging it in to recharge for hours.

The enclosure is made in the USA and the internal inverter is made by Whistler, a very reputable inverter manufacturer.  It is compatible with both lead acid and lithium batteries and comes with one set of Anderson power pole connectors with ring terminals.

Pairs perfectly with the MillerTech 12V 20Ah lithium battery!



Dimensions: W=6 ⅝” x L=8 ½” x H=7 ¾”

Battery Compartment: W=3 ¾” x L=7 ⅜” x H= 6 ¾”

Weight with LifeP04 20amp Battery: 12lbs.

Construction: aluminum, plastic, stainless hardware

Battery Connection: Anderson Power Pole

Primary Fuse: 30amp AGC

Internal Fuse: 2 25amp spade type

Inverter: 400 watt

Max Continuous Power: 400 watt

Max Surge (Peak): 800 watt

No Load Current Draw: 0.5 amp

Waveform: modified sine wave

Input Voltage: 11-15.5 +/- .5v

AC Receptacle: 2 North American

USB Outlet: 2 5v 2.1 amp max

DC Outlet: 1 cigarette plug-in 12v 20amp max

DC Outlet Power Switch: ON/OFF


Safety Features:

Green LED: System ready

Red LED: System overload/auto shut down

Auto shutdown occurs when: Battery input exceeds 15 volts… The continuous draw exceeds the design parameters of the inverter.

Thermal Cut-Off: Automatic shut down if internal temperature exceeds safe design parameters. (Cooling fan runs as needed)

Low Battery Voltage Alarm/Shutdown Protection: When battery input drops below 11 volts an audible tone will be heard. (low battery) When Voltage drops below 10.5v inverter will shut-down.


NRG Pac 400W Warranty Information:

1 year warranty against defects in material and workmanship. 2 year warranty on the internal inverter. All implied warranties for this product are limited to 2 years from date of original purchase. DATED PROOF OF PURCHASE IS NEEDED TO OBTAIN A WARRANTY. NRG Products is not liable for damages arising from the use or misuse of its products. Including but not limited to loss of time, inconvenience, property damage, or any other incidental or consequential damages including personal injury.

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