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MillerTech 12V DC Powered 12"x12" Box Fan (1212) - LDSreliance

MillerTech 12V DC Powered 12"x12" Box Fan (1212)


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Box fans are everywhere but not many of them use 12V DC power.  These fans from Miller Tech can even be powered by power tool batteries from Milwaukee, Makita, and DeWalt with special battery docks (sold separately).

Please note these fans are lightweight and inexpensive.  Their value lies in the ability to use power from batteries or solar directly, not in a long life or ability to take abuse.  They do carry a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer.


Weight: 1.4 kg

Dimensions:  387x155x413 mm

Rated Voltage: 12V DC (12W Max)

Temperature Range: -5C to 50C